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GLIDE Shares Unconditional Love with Thousands at the Pride Parade

“Oh When the Saints,” sung by the Glide Ensemble and accompanied by the powerful brass performers of the Change Band, reverberated through the streets as the annual San Francisco Pride Parade began. The lively melody and vibrant harmonies drew an eager crowd, setting the stage for a day of unity and celebration. 

Employees, board members, congregants, family, and friends of GLIDE filled the streets with their infectious energy, dancing, sashaying, rolling, and marching through the heart of San Francisco. The parade route, adorned with a sea of rainbow flags and colorful attire, pulsated with joy and solidarity. 

unconditional love

This year’s 2024 GLIDE Pride t-shirts, emblazoned with the phrase “unconditional love” in multiple languages, symbolized the diverse and inclusive spirit of the event. As participants from all walks of life came together, they celebrated this core GLIDE value alongside thousands of members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The t-shirts, vibrant and eye-catching, served as a visual representation of love that transcends linguistic and cultural barriers.

GLIDE’s contingent had 149 participants and won the Beacon of Hope Theme Award! A dynamic display of support and inclusivity, featuring dozens of enthusiastic marchers, two gleaming convertibles, a DJ truck pumping out energizing beats, and a majestic double-decker bus for those with mobility issues. The DJ truck, adorned with colorful banners and flowers, was the heartbeat of the procession, its music resonating through the streets and keeping the crowd in high spirits.

Pride Award photo with Dr Gina

“I feel beyond happy right now,” GLIDES’s President and CEO, Dr. Gina Fromer told KQED. “There’s color, flair, beauty, love, [and] transparency [with] just amazing camaraderie among people in San Francisco. I’m excited to ride for Pride.”

GLIDE has a long history of supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, including supporting the early organizing efforts of the Parade.  You can learn more in our GLIDE Pride exhibit.  In addition to the live coverage of the parade, the GLIDE Pride contingent was also featured in the best of Pride coverage of The San Francisco Chronicle and on ABC7 (photo shared below).

As the GLIDE contingent moved through the city, they were met with cheers and applause from spectators lining the streets, waving rainbow flags and joining in chants of love and equality. The sense of community was palpable, with strangers becoming friends, united by a common cause and shared values.

glide pride abc7

More about the GLIDE Pride Team

The GLIDE Pride Team fundraises, organizes and leads GLIDE’s participation in the annual parade. The group meets on the first Sunday of the month, after the 11 am Celebration at Glide Memorial Church.  You are invited to join them at their meetings.

You can also join the GLIDE Pride Team at the San Francisco AIDS Walk on July 21 at Golden Gate Park.  Since 1987, AIDS Walk San Francisco has raised more than $90 million for HIV programs and services in the Bay Area and has grown into the largest and most visible AIDS Fundraising event in Northern California. Each dollar raised brings us closer to our shared vision of an HIV/AIDS-free world, where everyone can live with dignity, health, and equality.

Visit the GLIDE team page to donate or to select JOIN OUR TEAM at the bottom of the page!  Even if you are not able to walk with us on that day, you can still be a part of our team, and raise funds for this worthy cause.