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Harm Reduction Services

Reducing risks by testing, treating and educating individuals vulnerable to HIV and Hepatitis C
of our clients are homeless or transitionally housed
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Reducing harms with respect for the rights of people who use drugs

Harm Reduction is composed of various evidence-based, public health interventions and practices designed to reduce the harms associated with drug use and aims to improve individual drug user health and reduce drug overdose mortality through approaches that also lead to sustainable and impactful community health improvements.

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For more information about these programs, contact Harm Reduction & Syringe Access Services:



    Medically Assisted Treatment

    “Low-Threshold” MAT (Medically Assisted Treatment) Access/Same day Suboxone starts

    The goal of our “Low-Threshold” MAT access program is to provide MAT services such as Suboxone/Subutex, Contingency Management programs and access to Methadone Clinics at as low a barrier as possible. Our on-site Suboxone tele-health services allow most people get a prescription that same day.

    Another piece of this program involves providing continued support and case management services to help empower participants to meet their personal substance use & life goals.

    Testing and Linkage Services

    Free HIV and Hepatitis C testing and linkages to HIV and Hepatitis C treatment.

    Syringe Access and Supplies (SAS): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (At Taylor Street Gate on the corner of Taylor Street and Ellis Street) Not open on Wednesdays.

    HIV/Hep C/STI Testing: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (Check-In with SAS desk on Taylor Street) Not open on Wednesdays.

    Starting July 1, 2022 will offer HIV/Hep C/STI Testing (Check-In at the SAS desk on Taylor Street)

    Same-day Suboxone Starts: Thursdays 11am-1pm; 6th floor closed – Please contact your case manager or navigator by phone or email for assistance.

    Services include:

    • HIV, Hepatitis C, and STI Testing and Risk Reduction Counseling
    • Syringe Access Services (SAS) (free syringe distribution and disposal, safer-use supplies, and Narcan distribution)
    • Street Outreach and Community Engagement
    • Healthcare Navigation
    • Same-day Suboxone Start (via tele-health appointment)
    • Drug Overdose Prevention & Education
    • Linkages to care and services based on individual needs
      For more information, call 415-674-5180. 

    Syringe Access Services (SAS)

    The Syringe Access Services program, better known as SAS, is where participants can get safer drug use supplies, like sterile needles and injection equipment, naloxone and overdose reversal training, PPE, safer sex supplies, and sharps disposal containers.

    On the Taylor side of 330 Ellis the SAS desk is a common initial touchpoint for participants as we can connect them to HIV, Hepatitis C, and STI testing, health systems navigation, and case management.

    • Syringe Access and Supplies: Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm on the Taylor side of the building
    • 6th floor temporarily closed – Please contact your case manager or navigator by phone or email for assistance.

    Hepatitis C Navigation Program

    The Orlando Chavez Peer Hepatitis C Community Navigation program in partnership with End Hep C SF is a stipend volunteer opportunity similar to an internship.  Each cohort of participants with lived experience(Community Navigators) are invited to assist our department in linking clients to our services with a focus on Hepatitis C.  Cohorts last 6 months to a year. The participants receive training and skill building opportunities, and assist with engaging, linking, and retaining clients living with HIV and/or Hepatitis C in treatment/care, along with other Harm Reduction department activities.  In this experience CNs learn harm reduction basics, perform direct services, support harm reduction outreach by making harm reduction kits.  They have the opportunity to further their education as well as gain work readiness experience, build their resumes and become Harm reduction advocates.  This team also staffs our point pick up program keeping the streets of the Tenderloin and surrounding neighborhoods free of syringe litter. Space is limited and there is a high demand. For more information email Asheldon@glide.org

    Our team regularly conducts on foot street outreach in the Tenderloin, Civic Center and other areas in San Francisco as needed, providing harm reduction and safer sex supplies, linkage to testing and care, Narcan, and brief supportive counseling/education/referrals as needed.  We use basic harm reduction principles and strategy aimed at reducing the risks and harmful effects associated with using drugs.  Not just physically meeting participants where they are at but meeting them in a nonjudgmental, caring and compassionate manor. Our outreach team reduces the amount of fatal overdose, emergency service calls, viral hepatis, HIV, abscesses and other infections.  We want to see our community thriving! We are here to support positive change in peoples lives as well as give them the supplies and skills to be healthy today.  Working with the community we serve to achieve equity and social justice for and with people who use drugs and sex workers alike.

    HRx Case Management and Support/Advocacy

    The goals of HRx Case Management are to connect with participants in meaningful ways, establishing trust and community, and to support them in connecting to services. Taking a ‘whole person integrated care’ approach, we support participants in many diverse areas of their lives. From peer counseling and housing advocacy to SSI case prep and support in court, we take our cues from our clients and center them as they build towards stability and balance. GLIDE Harm reduction provides these services through our SIP program to participants who reside in Shelter In Place (SIP) Hotels, Safe Sleep Sites, and Navigation Centers.

    Testing and Health Systems Navigation

    GLIDE provides free, low-barrier testing services for the community. We offer Rapid HIV testing and Rapid Hepatitis C testing and provide results within 20 minutes. We also offer free oral, vaginal, and rectal swab testing for STI’s including gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis. Unfortunately, we do not offer penile swab testing or urine testing. If you are looking for penile testing, please contact or visit San Francisco City Clinic at 356 7th Street. Our hours for on-site testing are Monday-Wednesdays from 9am-1pm. Additionally, we provide incentivized testing at various community-based sites such as Navigation Centers, shelters, shelter-in-place hotels, community resource fairs, and SRO’s.

    For anyone living with HIV, Hepatitis C, or an STI infection, we offer linkage and navigation services to treatment. Our Health Systems Navigators offer additional support needed in order to achieve treatment goals, including transportation to/from appointments, appointment reminders, warm hand-offs to a suitable clinic or provider, home visits, insurance assistance, medication adherence support, and referrals. In addition to these services, we also offer a monthly gift card incentive program for any client enrolled in our navigation services.