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Radiant Resonance: GLIDE’s Colorful Journey through 2023 Pride Celebrations

At GLIDE, we believe in the power of love and respect and will always stand by our LGBTQIIA family. We joyously commemorate, elevate, and champion the cause of forging a society that embraces inclusivity and equity. Love is our unwavering ally in all its forms, and we stand committed, supporting every facet of it.

This past weekend was a shining example of the beauty that can manifest when we all come together in love and support. “The Dyke March”, a powerful gathering of lesbians and their supporters, highlighted the unique experiences and struggles faced by lesbian individuals, and we were proud to march alongside them, amplifying their voices and fostering unity.

And, of course, the Pride parade itself was a spectacular showcase of love, acceptance, and self-expression, where we proudly waved our rainbow flags and danced through the streets, reaffirming our dedication to creating a world where everyone feels welcome.