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GLIDE Staff Helped to Secure $50M to House the Homeless

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San Francisco Local Homeless Coordinating Board members (from left to right) Cedric Akbar, Rommie Nottage, (GLIDE Board Member) Del Seymour – Co-Chair, Dr. Megan Rohrer- Co-Chair, Kelley Cutler and Mercedes Bullock

GLIDE works tirelessly to help the houseless with any manner of support, including working with the city of San Francisco to secure more funding for safe housing and a continuum of care.  

This past February 5th, the Local Homeless Coordinating Board (LHCB) announced that thanks to its work, the City and County of San Francisco was able to secure $53,794,910 in Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds for Continuum of Care awards.  

This year’s award is a $770,000 increase from last year, with new funds supporting the planning of a new permanent supportive housing project and an increase in fair market rates.  
“I’m so grateful, and while there will always be more to do, this makes for a strong leap forward to ensure every San Franciscan is housed safely and securely,” said Dr. Megan Rohrer, GLIDE’s Senior Church Communications Specialist, who serves as co-chair of the LHCB, along with Del Seymour, GLIDE Foundation Board member.  

The LHCB serves as an advisory body to the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (HSH) and ensuring a unified homeless strategy that is supported by the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, City departments, nonprofit agencies, people who are homeless or formerly homeless and the community at large. The LHCB works at permanent solutions to address a range of services required by individuals threatened with or who are currently experiencing homelessness. 

The LHCB oversees the annual Point in Time (PIT) count of the homeless and sheltered individuals living in San Francisco, the coordinated entry process that triages shelter and supportive housing resources and provides oversight for the HUD Continuum of Care grants.  

This year’s 2024 Continuum of Care Renewal Awards will include:   

  • $42.2 million for 29 renewal permeant supportive housing projects that serve chronically homeless, veterans, and youth  
  • $318,000 for one new permeant supportive housing project, which will provide 98 affordable homes for low-income seniors in the Richmond District  
  • $445,00 for one Transitional Housing (TH) project serving youth    
  • $6.4 million dedicated to four Rapid Rehousing projects that serve families, youth, and survivors of domestic violence  
  • $750,00 for two Homeless Management Information System projects    
  • $2.1 million for three Coordinated Entry projects that serve families, youth, chronically homeless, and survivors of domestic violence  

“I’m very happy to see how well this scoring procedure went towards San Francisco as we received a much-needed gift of additional funding for affordable housing projects,” said a beaming Del Seymour. “The teams from the Mayor’s Office and HSH really came through for us. I can’t wait to hand out the keys.” 

We thank Del, Megan, and HSH and all who helped to secure these vital funds for our community! 

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Dr. Megan Rohrer and GLIDE Board Member Del Seymour at the 2024 MLK March