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Shout out to SurveyMonkey Contribute!

A GLIDE community partner leveraging innovative technology for social good

GLIDE is fortunate to have the support of many local community partners, including our friends at SurveyMonkey, one of the generous sponsors of this year’s GLIDE Legacy Gala. This Saturday, August 5, SurveyMonkey folks will be in the house for the 8th annual Gala and we’d like to take the opportunity to share some of the other ways SurveyMonkey has given back to the community and supported GLIDE’s many services and programs for its most vulnerable and in-need members. In particular, SurveyMonkey Contribute–a survey platform that channels a percentage of funds to nonprofits—has already helped GLIDE raise tens of thousands of dollars for our community programs.

Below, Morgan Molnar, Product Marketing Manager for SurveyMonkey Contribute, tells us more about their charitable incentive model and how new technology can help advance social good.
SurveyMonkey Contribute currently supports over 70 non-profit organizations, including GLIDE, and is based on a very simple but effective idea. When companies need market insights and want to survey a target audience that they otherwise don’t have access to, SurveyMonkey helps them find survey takers through our Contribute panel. We recruit from the 30+ million people who complete SurveyMonkey surveys each month offering charitable incentives. For each survey our Contribute members take, $0.50 goes to charity of their choice, like GLIDE. Since the program’s launch in 2011, these contributions have added up to a whopping $10 million in donations, with tens of charities and millions of their supporters signing up to offer additional help to their communities.
One of our core values at SurveyMonkey is to #PrioritizeHealth, and this not only applies to each SurveyMonkey employee, but also to our communities. We started SurveyMonkey Contribute to offer people an easy way to give back (without spending any money, but their time), and it was a great opportunity to merge our core values with our business. GLIDE joined the Contribute program as a partner in 2014, and since then, roughly 80,000 Contribute members have raised a total of $137,000+ for GLIDE’s causes!

Morgan adds how to get involved to help organizations like GLIDE:
It’s very easy both for GLIDE to drive additional funding through our program, as well as for all of your organization’s supporters to give back. The more people know about Contribute and how easy it is to help, the more additional funding participating charities can get. GLIDE is already on the list of organizations that survey-takers can choose to contribute to—all people need to do is click the link to sign up for SurveyMonkey Contribute, pick GLIDE as their charity of choice, and take surveys to help the foundation. Anyone can also help raise money for GLIDE by sharing the link and information with friends and family.
The platform will also prompt you to answer questions to fill in the gaps in your personal profile (details on education, consumer preferences and more). Filling out these profile surveys also counts towards your donations, and the more detailed your profile is, the more surveys will be sent your way by our customers who are ready to give $0.50 per survey to your charity of choice in exchange for your quick feedback.

See you at the GLIDE Legacy Gala!
I’ve been to this gala before and really enjoyed it. We love hearing the stories from people and organizations who have benefited from our program and GLIDE’s services. Hopefully, more people will learn about SurveyMonkey Contribute during the Gala and maybe even take a few surveys during the event to show support?! As for the exciting Gala program this year, it will also be very powerful to hear from Shiza Shahid as she gets recognized for the work she has done as Co-founder of the Malala Fund. I take my education for granted, and it’s inspiring to see all of the great work the Malala Fund has done to get girls into schools around the world.