Grocery Bag Giveaway: A New Model for Addressing Food Insecurity

In pre-pandemic times, the GLIDE building was the hub of the Grocery Bag Giveaway. It was an awe-inspiring event that drew thousands of community members to the doors of GLIDE as we gave out bags of holiday meals. Lines began forming in the early hours of the morning and wound through the Tenderloin streets for blocks on end.


Amidst Pandemic Holidays, Gratitude Thrives  

“GLIDE does everything with a lot of heart. It feels nice to come here and be able to receive something and just be part of the community,” says Nelida. It was one of the first chilly and overcast days of autumn in the Tenderloin, but weather wasn’t going to factor into the celebratory spirit of GLIDE’s staff and clients. That’s because it was the day of the Harvest Dinner, a telltale signal of the start to GLIDE’s renowned holiday season.