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We Love Our Volunteers!

April is National Volunteer Month and where would GLIDE be without its treasure-trove of volunteers?  These are the team players who passionately seek to make a difference in the lives of others.

Our volunteers serve us in so many ways, from preparing food trays for distribution to welcoming guests to serving individuals in the dining areas, and all with the express purpose of improving the quality of life for those who may have fallen on hard times.

“It’s been awesome to learn about GLIDE’s history and the services they provide. I’m thankful to help this community out,” said David Lee, who came with a group of volunteers from Zendesk and helped prepare lunches. “It’s easy, fun, super relaxed and I encourage anyone to get involved and volunteer.”

Volunteering at GLIDE is a meaningful way to develop empathy for the less fortunate. For those who lack access to the most basic of necessities, volunteers are able to provide services that inspire a more hopeful present and future, sharing their lives and giving them a helping hand.


When you volunteer, you’re building connections with others as Querida Wright explains having now been a volunteer at GLIDE for nearly a year now.

“Volunteering at GLIDE is a very organized experience, where you’re given lots of direction, and all you need to do is show up. I love that you get to meet new people with every shift you volunteer for,” says Wright. “People from different backgrounds with different stories. You feel very welcomed here and like your part of the team. Each time I come to GLIDE, I feel I’m doing something important. It’s not just preparing meals but you’re conversing with people, you’re giving people warmth and service. I like that.”

GLIDE is beyond grateful for our volunteers who generously donate their time to help us serve and build connections with the community.

It’s never too late to volunteer at GLIDE. Sign up for the next available shift. Watch our video!