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June 5, 2018




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GLIDE Endorsements for San Francisco’s June 2018 Measures

We’ve considered the measures which affect the GLIDE community most. We encourage you to consider these recommendations, “walk that walk,” and put your values to work at the ballot-box on June 5.

Please, vote: 

YES on Measure C -  Greatly Expanded Child Care for San Francisco’s Families

YES on Measure D - Housing and Homelessness Funding in a Time of Need

YES on Measure E - Ban on Flavored Tobacco

YES on Measure F - Tenants’ Right to Legal Counsel

YES on Measure G - Living Wage for Educators

NO on Measure H - Misleading and Unaccountable Taser Policy 


Yes on Measure C – Greatly Expanded Child Care for San Francisco’s Families


Measure C will apply a commercial rents tax beginning January 1, 2019 in order to vastly increase the availability of subsidized child care for San Francisco infants (in families with up to 200% of Area Median Income), as well as toddlers and preschoolers (in families up to 85% of state median income). The Measure will also increase preschool teacher wages. We support this modest tax on commercial rents to ensure that working families and child care providers can sustain themselves in this city. Infant care in San Francisco averages nearly $20,000 a year. There are currently 2,400 infants and toddlers on waiting lists for state-subsidized child care in San Francisco. At the same time, income eligibility for state-subsidy excludes many working families in our high-cost city. And because 3 out of 4 San Francisco families with children under 5 have both parents working outside the home, the need for child care is urgent. Moreover, we know that at least 1 in 3 child care teachers are paid so inadequately that the also require some form of public assistance.  92% of these teachers are women, and over 80% are women of color. As a city, we can do better by our children and by the women and men who help use care for and raise them. Vote yes on measure C! 

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Yes on Measure D – Housing and Homelessness Funding in a Time of Need


Measure D would create a Housing for All Fund of about 70 million dollars annually through a new commercial lease tax. About 31.5 million would go toward homelessness services, with the remainder going to low and middle-income housing services. This measure is a good step in the right direction on homelessness and affordable housing funding, two issues that GLIDE believes are our community’s top priorities. We urge you to vote “yes” with the knowledge that in order to truly change the face homelessness and housing, we need to do more.


We also want to make sure everyone voting knows that Measure D was written with a provision which would undercut Measure C, and nullify it should D pass with a greater majority than C. We support what both measures aim to achieve and would greatly prefer that no one had to choose between childcare and housing. Please vote your values, with this provision in mind.

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Yes on Measure E – Ban on Flavored Tobacco


Measure E would uphold San Francisco’s current ban on the sale of flavored tobacco and nicotine products. GLIDE supports Prop E because of its acute relevance to the health of our communities. Tobacco use is still the number one cause of preventable death in the United States. We also know that the marketing of flavored tobacco disproportionately targets some of the most vulnerable members of our communities, including children, young adults, African Americans and LGBTQI youth and adults. Despite these facts, the tobacco industry has been aggressively attempting to repeal the existing ban and undermine the public’s understanding of the need for protecting our communities. 


Given the widespread human suffering caused by tobacco-related products, as well as the $380 million per year tobacco-related strain they thereby impose on an already burdened healthcare system, we urge San Francisco voters to make a statement and maintain the ban on flavored tobacco and nicotine products.

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Yes on Measure F – Tenants' Right to Legal Counsel

Evictions in SF have gone up tremendously, as big land owners have sought to lose rent-controlled tenants in favor of attracting a wealthier clientele. Measure F requires that all San Francisco tenants receive full legal representation from the City, available 30 days after any tenant is served with an eviction notice (or related “unlawful detainer” complaint). San Francisco’s own free legal counsel pilot project showed that more than half of those tenants with legal representation where able to stay in their homes, and many more were able to arrange more favorable terms for move-out than would otherwise have been possible. We need these services in San Francisco now more than ever.


Note: Free legal services would not be provided to dispute evictions brought by a landlord or master-tenant who resides in the same dwelling unit as his or her tenant, as is commonly the case with housemates or single-room renters. 

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Yes on Measure G – Living Wage for Educators

Measure G would generate an estimated at $50 million annually, directed to the City’s Unified School District to raise salaries for teacher and para-educators, increase funding for staffing and programs, provide professional development, and invest in new technological tools for learning.  The revenue would come from a $298 per year per parcel tax. 


It’s difficult to live and work in San Francisco as a Teacher. As a result, the San Francisco Unified School District currently has a teacher shortage and like so many of California school districts, has suffered from consistent underfunding (CA ranks 42nd in the nation in per-pupil spending). This burden on public education not only affects teachers themselves, but disproportionately impacts students’ families with the lowest incomes, including immigrants and people of color. We need to put our money where our values are and give high quality education to all of our children.

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No on Measure H – Misleading and Unaccountable Taser Policy


Measure H, which is opposed by the Chief of Police and numerous community groups, appears to offer a less lethal alternative to firearms for SFPD officers in Tasers. But in reality, Tasers are already being adopted by the department. And this measure would institutionalize unaccountable and inflexible policies around the SFPD’s adoption of these weapons.


Despite the widespread impression that Tasers are an alternative to firearms, they are actually used in very different circumstances and are themselves extremely dangerous, especially people who suffer from mental, physical or substance-related illnesses. These are the people who are also most likely to be “tased” by police and suffer severe injury or death. Officers can also be at risk during the frequent instances when Tasers malfunction, which can escalate dangerous situations. So it is extremely important the SFPD can implement this new weapon in the most careful way possible. Please vote “no” on H.

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We believe that everyone should have a safe and stable place to live, regardless of their background, circumstances, wealth or appearance.

At GLIDE, our commitment to “radical inclusion” means that when people are hungry, we feed them. When people are dropped onto the street by mental illness, unemployment, domestic violence, trauma from military service – or anything else – we find a place for them. And when our systems of justice fail, we change them. 


The needs of those most vulnerable among us are our natural priority. Our response shows the content of our character as a community. It is in this spirit that we present you with our 2018 ballot measure recommendations. These are not political positions. They are values-driven stances on the issues that affect the people who walk through our doors every day.


- GLIDE Center for Social Justice

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