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Zero Waste Food Pantry: Building Sustainable Futures

GLIDE’s Foundation’s Zero Waste Food Pantry is a vital program that prioritizes providing nutritious food to families with limited access. Our program serves low-income families with children aged 17 and under.

Each week, between 70 to 75 individuals with families select from a list of food items. The pantry team then packs those food items into reusable containers, distributing them to families while collecting containers from the previous week to be used again.

We are mindful of sourcing our food items and work with local Bay Area vendors to ensure fresh food. Our program is also committed to sustainability. By supporting local businesses, we not only help the community but also minimize the carbon footprint of our program through reduced food transportation distances. We believe that giving families the autonomy to choose what they eat promotes healthy eating habits and encourages self-reliance and dignity.

Access to healthy food is a fundamental human right, and we are committed to ensuring that all families have access to it. By prioritizing food and family at the forefront of our program, we aim to create a more equitable and eco-friendly future for ourselves and future generations.

We invite you to be part of our mission to prevent hunger and starvation by spreading awareness about GLIDE and our initiatives. Please take a moment to visit us at 330 Ellis Street in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood to see our pantry in action. By witnessing the impact firsthand, you can truly understand the importance of our work. Let’s collaborate to build a brighter future for our community, working hand in hand to make a lasting difference. To learn more about how you can contribute and get involved, please visit our website at https://www.glide.org.