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Honoring our Ancestor Cecil Williams

About the Altar In African diasporic cultures, altars to ancestors are revered as sacred spaces that embody the essence of unconditional love, resilience, and cultural heritage. Each element on the

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GLIDE Partners with FAACTS to envision a better food system!

GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice (CSJ) is a proud member of the Food and Agriculture Action Coalition Towards Sovereignty (FAACTS). FAACTS includes 30 local organizations that are working to ensure access to quality, nutritious and culturally inclusive food here in San Francisco.

GLIDE Launches Women’s Center on International Women’s Day!

Our hearts were filled with joy as we celebrated the official launch of GLIDE’s new Women’s Center on International Women’s Day! The Women’s Center services include case management, domestic violence counseling, outreach, food, clothing, housing assistance, and referrals to other community resources. These services support underserved women in their journey toward stability.

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GLIDE Stands Ready to Combat the Overdose Epidemic

Earlier this week, I attended a rally outside of Boeddeker Park here in the Tenderloin to address the dire consequences of the fentanyl epidemic. At this rally, I shared a message that GLIDE stands ready to combat the overdose epidemic ravaging our community using any effective tools at our disposal.

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Glide Memorial Church Celebrates the Caregivers in our Community

This past February saw Glide Memorial Church (GMC) celebrate approximately 36 individuals made up of community leader volunteers, GLIDE staff, and partners who completed training through the Stupski Community Care Network, for purposes of learning how to identify congregants and community members who need care, or are caregivers for those in need of care, and their families who care for them.  

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How to get Black Women into more Executive Roles

GLIDE staff were treated to a special presentation by President & CEO Dr. Gina Fromer inside Freedom Hall this week where she spoke about her research into Black women who emerged from poverty and transitioned into executive positions. 

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Black History and Black Futures at GLIDE

Dear GLIDE Community,I am honored to celebrate this Black History Month with you – or as we refer to it at Glide Memorial Church, Black Futures Month! While we recognize February for