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Glide published books as a part of its reconciliation ministries, for the purpose of educating faithful individuals or groups to grow their urban ministry and to enable historically marginalized groups to share their own stories.  Books published by Glide include everything from cartoons to senior organizing.  Notably, Glide published the first affirming book on lesbians, written by Del Martin and Phyllis Lyons.  With an office at Glide, Del also went on to publish a book on Battered Women. Glide’s support of LGBTQ authors enabled diverse works to be published, promoted and sold (during a time when some of these books were illegal to mail).

This portion of the exhibit not only shares information about how Glide celebrated and supported LGBTQ authors, it also makes available rare publications from our archive.  We hope access to these important documents will help others learn more about the needs and issues of the LGBTQ community.


Courtesy of Megan Rohrer


San Francisco Bay Guardian Issue 10.05 Courtesy of the Internet Archive

Glide Publications

Click on the images below to read the texts from our archive.  When citing texts, please include the following: Courtesy of the Glide Memorial Church Archive.  For questions about use, please contact churchoffice@glide.org


Additional Glide Publications Related to LGBTQ Issues



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