Our Work

Our methodology is radically simple: love, acceptance, and compassion, which we apply through programs in Wellness, Growth, Spirit, and Leadership.

Bring Down The House


"Meeting people where they are" means that change begins with healing. Working with empathy, preserving dignity, and practicing mutual respect, our Wellness programs lift people's bodies and spirits.


Feed the Hungry

Compassionate Healthcare

Women Overcoming Violence

Men Unlearning Violence

Move Beyond Crisis


What does it take to transform the world? In developing initiatives from youth education programs to our innovative urban rooftop garden, GLIDE is encouraging people to make our world better, imagine possibilities, and overcome obstacles on the path to self-sufficiency, self-respect, and personal success.


Advancing Families

Inspire Youth and Children

House the Community


Whether you are dancing at GLIDE's Sunday Celebrations or working with our Social Justice Team, GLIDE invites you to affirm our shared humanity and a common need to give and receive. We celebrate beauty, imagination, spirituality, and hope.


Celebrate on Sunday

GLIDE Ensemble

Engaged Communities

Create your Story


GLIDE's communities are at the forefront of what is happening now - culturally, socially, and politically. Our Leadership programs connect individual actions with a profound impact on the world. GLIDE leaders take risks to break down boundaries. We allow our own personal transformations and drive innovation tuned to the needs of real people.


Walk the Talk

Developing Leaders

GLIDE  330 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 | 415.674.6000

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