Justice Is Served But Our Fight Against Systemic Racism Goes On

Dear Community,  Justice for George Floyd has finally arrived. The former police officer who killed him has been convicted on all counts of murder and faces up to 40 years in prison.     We know that no single verdict can undo systemic racism or redress this country’s abhorrent policing methods that result in the deaths of unarmed Black and Brown people. Even as the trial unfolded,


GLIDE Stands with the Asian American Community

Dear Community, When earlier this week a white man coldly and cruelly murdered eight human beings in Atlanta, seven of them women and six of those women of Asian descent, we were like so many people around the world horrified and grief-stricken. But, sadly, we were not surprised. White supremacy, racism, xenophobia, and sexism have


When We Invest in Women, We All Rise

Dear GLIDE Community, When historians look back on the COVID-19 pandemic, they will tell the story of women rising to challenges of historic proportions with profound resilience, power and leadership. They will also tell a story of tremendous sacrifice, loss and disappointment. The biggest insight from this tragedy will be how the pandemic clearly exposed


In Solidarity Always with Our Asian American Community Members

Dear Beloved Community, We are outraged by the violence that has been directed at our Asian American community members. The reports of violence against our seniors are especially heart-wrenching. This must stop. This wave of violence emerges from a recent plague of disinformation and demagogic strategies of division and scapegoating. It has roots in our nation’s legacy


Realizing The Beloved Community

Dear GLIDE Community, At this moment, more than 21,000 National Guard troops are stationed in Washington DC – four times as many soldiers as in Iraq and Afghanistan combined – to ensure the peaceful transfer of power in our democracy. This unprecedented military presence is symbolic of a nation historically divided by white privilege, racism,


An Assault on Our Democracy

Dear Community, Yesterday, we witnessed the violent breach of our nation’s Capitol in an attempt to sabotage one of the most symbolic of our democratic processes, the certification of the electoral vote. While we can point to the President for his calculated incitement of chaos and insurgency, the images we saw streaming from the halls


GLIDE Statement on the Presidential Election

Dear GLIDE Community, American voters have spoken. In one of the most polarizing elections of our time, in the midst of a dark period defined by divisiveness, struggle and fear, millions of voters took to the polls to choose a new path. While it is clear that distrust and divisions remain across our polarized country, it