Spreading Unconditional Love and Joy, One Toy at a Time

The pews of GLIDE Memorial Church were filled with unusual congregants this December – Thousands of toys occupied row after row of the sanctuary as GLIDE leadership, staff and volunteers worked in preparation for the 41st annual Toy Wonderland. This year, more than 800 bags of toys were delivered to our partner organizations across San Francisco, an increase of 150 bags in response to expanding need during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Amidst Pandemic Holidays, Gratitude Thrives  

“GLIDE does everything with a lot of heart. It feels nice to come here and be able to receive something and just be part of the community,” says Nelida. It was one of the first chilly and overcast days of autumn in the Tenderloin, but weather wasn’t going to factor into the celebratory spirit of GLIDE’s staff and clients. That’s because it was the day of the Harvest Dinner, a telltale signal of the start to GLIDE’s renowned holiday season.


GLIDE Voices: Lanie Igtanloc on Filipino American History Month

GLIDE Voices is highlighting Filipino American History Month. We asked Lanie Igtanloc, Director of Family Youth and Childcare Center, what GLIDE value resonates with you this month and why? “One