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May 09, 2022

The Glidettes: Our Moment of Joy

During the month of May, GLIDE celebrates Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage. In this story, we highlight the Glidettes, a delightful group of Asian-identifying seniors and performers who embody GLIDE’s mission to create a loving and inclusive community. 

“For me, dancing is beautiful,” said Li Sucui, “It opens my heart like a flower, and it makes me happy.” At a spry ...

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Church Justice

“Black Lives Matter.” George Floyd’s life mattered. Daunte Wright’s life mattered. Breonna Taylor’s life mattered. All of the Black Lives judged, juried, and executed by the police, the state and state actors, mattered. By affirming that Black Lives matter, we see the herculean effort, death, that it takes death for black people to come into...


Cooking at GLIDE

Chef Wing reflects on 10 years in the Daily Free Meals program Cho Wing is approaching his tenth anniversary with GLIDE as a loved and valued member of our Daily Free Meals team. To mark the occasion, Chef Wing offers the following words on his journey. We are blessed to have him as a colleague...


COVID-19 Vaccination Site Comes to The Tenderloin

After a successful pilot on Thursday, March 25, 2021, a neighborhood COVID-19 vaccination site will now be a part of the critical resources offered through the Tenderloin Community Resource Hub (TL Hub) that GLIDE coordinates weekly on the 300 block of Ellis Street (between Taylor and Jones Streets). The vaccination site grew out of a...

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GLIDE Stands with the Asian American Community

Dear Community, When earlier this week a white man coldly and cruelly murdered eight human beings in Atlanta, seven of them women and six of those women of Asian descent, we were like so many people around the world horrified and grief-stricken. But, sadly, we were not surprised. White supremacy, racism, xenophobia, and sexism have...


When We Invest in Women, We All Rise

Dear GLIDE Community, When historians look back on the COVID-19 pandemic, they will tell the story of women rising to challenges of historic proportions with profound resilience, power and leadership. They will also tell a story of tremendous sacrifice, loss and disappointment. The biggest insight from this tragedy will be how the pandemic clearly exposed...

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Our Opportunity to Make History

As we wrap up a month dedicated to celebrating the historical contributions, culture, and excellence of Black America, I want to pause to reflect on this unique moment in our nation’s history.  Recent media stories are touting a Black Renaissance. Comparable to the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and the Black Arts Movement of the...

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In Solidarity Always with Our Asian American Community Members

Dear Beloved Community, We are outraged by the violence that has been directed at our Asian American community members. The reports of violence against our seniors are especially heart-wrenching. This must stop. This wave of violence emerges from a recent plague of disinformation and demagogic strategies of division and scapegoating. It has roots in our nation’s legacy...

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Valentine’s Playlist Sunday

An Unconditional Kind of Love On this Valentine’s Day, GLIDE Memorial Church can only do one thing — Celebrate Unconditional Love; Love our loved ones, love our resilience, love the work we have done, and always, always, Unconditionally Love ourselves. To help you celebrate Unconditional Love today, we have curated three Valentine’s Day Playlists for...

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Different Together

Four years in, GLIDE Church’s congregational life group devoted to “courageous conversation” across the divides has learned a thing or two At GLIDE Memorial Church, we practice unconditional love. More than a mere platitude, unconditional love is an ethics. It teaches us that difference does not make someone fall out of the boundaries of beloved...

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