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Honoring our Ancestor Cecil Williams

About the Altar In African diasporic cultures, altars to ancestors are revered as sacred spaces that embody the essence of unconditional love, resilience, and cultural heritage. Each element on the

easter choir 2024

Easter at GLIDE

Glide Memorial Church’s annual Spring Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 30th served 65 families from the Tenderloin.

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Glide Memorial Church Celebrates the Caregivers in our Community

This past February saw Glide Memorial Church (GMC) celebrate approximately 36 individuals made up of community leader volunteers, GLIDE staff, and partners who completed training through the Stupski Community Care Network, for purposes of learning how to identify congregants and community members who need care, or are caregivers for those in need of care, and their families who care for them.  

GLIDE’s Indoor Dining service is back!

It was a #ReturntoCommunity like no other!  GLIDE officially re-opened its doors and welcomed clients back to its indoor dining service this past July 6. With a snip of the

Church Justice

“Black Lives Matter.” George Floyd’s life mattered. Daunte Wright’s life mattered. Breonna Taylor’s life mattered. All of the Black Lives judged, juried, and executed by the police, the state and

GLIDE Celebration in the sanctuary

Different Together

Four years in, GLIDE Church’s congregational life group devoted to “courageous conversation” across the divides has learned a thing or two At GLIDE Memorial Church, we practice unconditional love. More

Towards Justice: MLK Playlist 2022

Hello Racial Justice Warriors! On Monday, January 17, 2022, communities all across the country will be celebrating the 26th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. A federal holiday

The time for radical inclusivity is now

Amid the ongoing pandemic, the most profound social upheaval since the 1960s, we reflect on the origins of the LGBTQ liberation movement and GLIDE’s historical support of LGBTQ communities, including