GLIDE In The News: Holiday Jam Media Report

Media Highlights: 11/19 48 Hills, Live Shots: A joyful noise at GLIDE’s Annual Holiday Jam. Bobby McFerrin, Fantastic Negrito, Vernon Bush, more came to celebrate GLIDE’s social justice mission. 11/13 

Grocery Bag Giveaway: A New Model for Addressing Food Insecurity

In pre-pandemic times, the GLIDE building was the hub of the Grocery Bag Giveaway. It was an awe-inspiring event that drew thousands of community members to the doors of GLIDE as we gave out bags of holiday meals. Lines began forming in the early hours of the morning and wound through the Tenderloin streets for blocks on end.

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Center for Social Justice: Advocacy Roundup  

A critical part of GLIDE’s work as a social justice organization is to drive systems change by shaping policies that have the greatest impact on the lives of those we serve. Our Center for Social Justice is influencing policy in the fields of housing and homelessness; community health; racial justice and reconciliation; and intergenerational support for women and families of color. In the first installment of the CSJ Advocacy Roundup, we share some of the top policy issues in the focus areas of community health and racial justice.

GLIDE staff and client at 2021 Harvest Dinner

Amidst Pandemic Holidays, Gratitude Thrives  

“GLIDE does everything with a lot of heart. It feels nice to come here and be able to receive something and just be part of the community,” says Nelida. It was one of the first chilly and overcast days of autumn in the Tenderloin, but weather wasn’t going to factor into the celebratory spirit of GLIDE’s staff and clients. That’s because it was the day of the Harvest Dinner, a telltale signal of the start to GLIDE’s renowned holiday season.

A Space to Draw: Self-discovery through art forms  

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, Toby Simon sets up her tent and art supplies on the Tenderloin Hub, providing a class to the community that is aptly named, “A Space to Draw.” At surface level, the art class explores different forms of drawing and technique, allowing students to build upon their skills. But for many of the participants, A Space to Draw dually provides a space for healing, self-discovery, and reflection.

In Loving Memory: Janice Mirikitani

Early Thursday morning, July 29, 202, our beloved Co-Founder Janice Mirikitani passed away with family and friends by her side. Our hearts are full with both grief and the tremendous love that she embodied. Janice brought fierce courage and spirit to everything she did. She spoke her truth and inspired others to accept and celebrate themselves, each other, and all our differences.