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Minister Marvin’s Black Futures Month Letter

Black Futures Month graphic
Dear Beloved Community,

I want to thank everyone who participated in last month’s Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Celebrations. We sang, we prayed, we witnessed, we preached, we protested, we marched, and we spoke about justice. Glide Congregation, Clients, Community and Co-Workers came together to commemorate the enduring history of fighting for Civil Rights.

February extends the fight for equality through our Black Futures Month, where we use our radical tools of imagination to imagine a coming future where black people not only exist but are recognized for their humanity, their cultural production, their leadership, their thinking, their resilience, and their joy. Join us for a month-long Afro-futurist celebration where the centering of blackness becomes a unifying force for love in our interracial and intergenerational beloved community.

During Black Futures Month, you’re invited to First Sundays for Speak Out Celebration, where we center the voices of the congregation in our service. Then, join us for Second Sundays, our Sing-Along Celebration, where we become a community choir singing the projected lyrics for all of the songs. On Third Sundays, we have Justice Sundays, our racial, social, spiritual, and creative justice celebrations. And finally, on Fourth Sundays, we extend our weekly Writers Church into a full-fledged in-Celebration creative writing workshop.

Black Futures Month offerings include Pride Team meetings, Community Care Network Celebrations, Soul of Justice movie screening about the Honorable Thelton E. Henderson, the inaugural launch of the Janice Mirikitani Poetry Machine, the introduction of our new Janice Mirikitani TheoPoet-In-Residence, Ramona Laughing Brook Webb, Congregational Life Spotlights, Digital Art Galleries, Art and opportunities for community engagement.

Join our community at glide.org/churchannouncements for a full roster of Black Futures Month and year-round activities. You can also join all of our Sunday Celebration events online or in person at 9 and 11 am Pacific. Our services stream on Facebook Live and  YouTube​​.

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Happy Black Futures Month.

As Always, Love Always,

Marvin K. White, Minister of Celebration