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Glide Pride: Sylvester

  1971 Marriage of Raggedy Robin and Raggedy Jane Sylvester was on of 500 guests who attended the Circus themed wedding of Raggedy Robin and Raggedy Jane at Glide Church

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Glide Pride: Pride Parade

2000 – Honorary Marshall Ribbon   2003 – Rev. Cecil Williams Pride Grand Marshal   2009 – Pride Parade 2010 – Pride Parade 2011 – Pride Parade 2012 – Pride

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Glide Pride: SFPD Reform

Before the Rev. Cecil Williams was the pastor of Glide Church (1966), he served as one of many pastors at Glide working on ministry throughout the city of San Francisco. 

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Glide Pride: Conclusion

As we look back on 60 years of advocacy with and for the LGBTQ community, we celebrate all the ways that Glide’s leaders and community have been at the forefront

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Glide Pride: Publications

Glide published books as a part of its reconciliation ministries, for the purpose of educating faithful individuals or groups to grow their urban ministry and to enable historically marginalized groups

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