In-Kind Donations


In general, GLIDE welcomes IN-KIND DONATIONS that meet our community's basics needs.

View the lists below for accepted and unaccepted items, and contact volteam@glide.org148 before delivering your items.

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Accepted In-Kind Donations



We accept new, unwrapped toys, for the annual Toy Giveaway during and up to the holiday months. Please avoid toy guns and war toys and when purchasing dolls, please remember diversity.


Food Donations

Please contact George at 415.674.6037 to see if your food donation can benefit GLIDE. Since we have a large kitchen serving hundreds of people during every meal service, small items, such as canned good, are better give to your local food pantry or bank.


Items Not Typically Accepted

  • clothing not listed above
  • furniture (though you may send us a picture if you think it would help our office)
  • computers
  • printers

Many items that we are unable to accept can be donated to the Community Thrift Store. When making donations to them, please select GLIDE as the benefitting charity and your items will convert into cash donations that directly support our programs. 


Community Thrift Store

623 Valencia Street


GLIDE  330 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 | 415.674.6000

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