Sponsor an Event

Our events always serve a community need, whether it's raising critical funds for programs or making sure those we serve can celebrate the Holidays.

Events allow us to tell our story to the community and highlight your company's great work. Most importantly, they show those we serve that the community really cares. For more information about corporate giving and community partnerships, contact Lisa Peckler, GLIDE's Institutional Giving Director, at 415.674.6039 or lpeckler@glide.org.




Annual Holiday Festival ($5,000 - $100,000)

GLIDE's Annual Holiday Festival is one of the most popular holiday invitations in San Francisco. From the premiere of The Pursuit of Happyness to the celebration of Reverend Cecil Williams' 45th Anniversary at the Opera House to this year's concert, CELEBRATE50  at the War Memorial San Francisco Opera House, this event is always uniquely spectacular. All proceeds benefit GLIDE programs.





Make a Challenge Grant

Challenge grants are a highly effective way to incentivize others to double the impact of your contribution and they provide a level of visibility that highlights how you invest in the community.

At the $50,000 level or more, we create a special webpage featuring photos of your volunteers in action, information about the impact your gift has on the community, a video of your chosen company representative sharing your values and a link to your company's website. In addition to all of this, your challenge will gain exposure through GLIDE's press releases, Facebook and Twitter audiences, and an article in our newsletter.





Thanksgiving or Christmas Meals ($25,000)

Because of GLIDE and your generous support, many people have somewhere to come home to during the holidays. Each Thanksgiving and Christmas our meals program serves 5,000 heaping plates of turkey and all the fixings with the help of nearly 1,000 volunteers. As with many of GLIDE's holiday events, media attention and camera crews help to publicize your kindness along with GLIDE's efforts through signage, press releases, and donor newsletters.





Grocery Bag Giveaway ($50,000)

Co-branded with Gap, Inc., Grocery Bag Giveaway is perhaps the single most visible holiday event in San Francisco. Hundreds of volunteers unite to fill 6,000 bags of groceries and distribute tthem families that otherwise could not afford to serve their own holiday meals together.





Toy Giveaway ($20,000)

Most of the families served by GLIDE must prioritize rent, food, clothing, utilities, and other basic needs. Once these needs are met, there is rarely anything left for holiday toys for their children. Collections held city-wide gather over 10,000 toys for distribution at GLIDE every year.


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