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Auto-Row Protests

The Rev. Cecil Williams put his faith into action as soon as he arrived at Glide.  His first known protest and arrest in San Francisco took place on April 11th,

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Rev. Dr. Donald Guest

The Rev. Dr. Donald F. Guest was appointed senior pastor of Glide Memorial Church from 2006-2011. Check out our YouTube playlist of videos featuring Rev. Donald Guest.

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Minister Marvin K. White

Marvin K. White is the Minister of Celebration at Glide Memorial Church. Marvin is a writer, artist, preacher and public theologian, articulating a vision for social, prophetic and creative justice.

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Celebrating Dave Richmond

Dave Richmond, the husband of our beloved church staff member Vicky Lee, died in 2023.  Dave wrote for Rolling Stone Magazine and worked at Glide for 33 years.  Here is

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