Response to Mayor’s Tenderloin Plan

Dear GLIDE Community, Mayor London Breed has declared an unprecedented State of Emergency in the Tenderloin, a bold step with the intention of disrupting illegal activity and making the Tenderloin a safer, more livable place for the families who call the neighborhood home. At GLIDE, we appreciate the intention behind this effort because we know


Data for Good: GLIDE and Twitter team up on a skills-based volunteering journey

By Sarah Wunning and Satanjeev “Bano” Banerjee Since the 1960s, GLIDE has relied on direct service volunteers to help provide safety net services (such as daily free meals) to the most vulnerable people in our community. Recently, we have been experimenting with a Skills-Based Volunteering (SBV) model, in which we use the specialized skills of


How GLIDE is making the most of the Holiday Season for Kids

Toy Wonderland, Old Navy Shopping Spree, and more! Filled with uncertainty and change, the last ten months of the pandemic have brought loss and hardship to many families everywhere—with a disproportionate share falling on people of color and those challenged by poverty. Many in our community work hard every day to make ends meet, and


GLIDE and Skywatchers Team Up to Create Tenderloin Leadership Academy

This year, the GLIDE Center for Social Justice (CSJ) along with our community partners at Skywatchers have been proud to create a new Leadership Academy with residents of the Tenderloin. Skywatchers is an arts-based ensemble that has been working in the Tenderloin for eight years with SRO residents, centering performance-based and multi-disciplinary art and stories


Photovoice – A Tool for Community Empowerment and Advocacy

I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them. — Diane Arbus San Francisco is the land of invisible people—the homeless, the needy, the users, the ill, the marginalized, the undocumented. People who not only fall through society’s cracks, but who are ignored (or worse) by the middle and upper


Eye on the Ball: How to keep housing, for you and everyone in the Tenderloin

This week, our first of many Development Without Displacement Community Workshops met in collaboration with over 80 residents and nonprofit allies. We talked about displacement and how to create a neighborhood and a city where we can all live in the neighborhoods we’ve been a part of for so long.


“You all ready to fight?”

Reverend Harry Williams talks about the Nation, our City, and Low-Income Housing On April 27, Reverend Harry Williams, representing GLIDE Memorial Church and the Tenderloin, addressed a rally on the steps of City Hall. The rally, which started at the Federal Building and numbered several hundred people, was there to urge the planning commission to