Street homeless to housed: Nikki’s story

After losing her job due to cutbacks, and then being evicted from her apartment, Nikki found herself living on the streets of San Francisco. People experience homelessness for various reasons and the impact of being unhoused can be extremely detrimental to an individual or family. It exacerbates existing health problems, increases risks for new ones,


Another Remarkable and Resilient Year at GLIDE!

Hello GLIDE Community, As 2021 comes to a close, and I reflect back upon this year, I feel such gratitude – and even awe – for the way GLIDE has continued to grow, change, and serve this city better than ever, even in the face of a global pandemic. For decades, the only constant at


Spreading Unconditional Love and Joy, One Toy at a Time

The pews of GLIDE Memorial Church were filled with unusual congregants this December – Thousands of toys occupied row after row of the sanctuary as GLIDE leadership, staff and volunteers worked in preparation for the 41st annual Toy Wonderland. This year, more than 800 bags of toys were delivered to our partner organizations across San Francisco, an increase of 150 bags in response to expanding need during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Face Behind the Prime Rib Legacy at GLIDE  

If you ask Joe Betz for his expert opinion on the best way to prepare prime rib, his response is simple: Slow cooking and good quality meat. “You have to have good beef. If you put salt and pepper and all this seasoning stuff, it doesn’t really help.”


GLIDE In The News: Media Coverage for the Warren Buffett Power Auction Lunch

GLIDE and eBay are pleased to present the grand finale of the Power of One Charity Auction Lunch with Warren Buffett.  Read what the media is saying about the event.


Still We Rise: GLIDE Comes Together in Celebration

November 18th was a day of hope and joyful reunion as the GLIDE community came together, in-person for the first time in two years, at GLIDE’s major fundraising event, the Holiday Jam. The 2021 GLIDE Annual Holiday Jam: Still We Rise returned as a modified in-person event that brought the community together for music, storytelling,


Thanksgiving 2021: A Celebration of Resiliency

In the early morning hours of Thanksgiving Day, the 300 block of Ellis Street was buzzing with action. Teams of GLIDE staff and volunteers were laying out decorations, carving turkeys and packaging seemingly endless rows of food containers. Hundreds of feet of white festival tents were adorned with fairy lights, and the musical score for


National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week 2021: Social Media Recap

 Every year, right before Thanksgiving during National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, advocates across the nation spotlight poverty in our country. GLIDE honored the awareness week with an educational series on our social platforms. If you didn’t catch it, check out our recap slideshow below, and please join us in combating food insecurity! Follow us on social media!


Grocery Bag Giveaway: A New Model for Addressing Food Insecurity

In pre-pandemic times, the GLIDE building was the hub of the Grocery Bag Giveaway. It was an awe-inspiring event that drew thousands of community members to the doors of GLIDE as we gave out bags of holiday meals. Lines began forming in the early hours of the morning and wound through the Tenderloin streets for blocks on end.


Addressing Layers of Trauma with Compassion

One in three women and one in four men have experienced domestic violence, but homeless women in San Francisco fare much worse, with 44% reporting that they have experienced abuse. While the United States dedicates the month of October to Domestic Violence Awareness, it is safe to say that one month does not do justice


GLIDE and Skywatchers Team Up to Create Tenderloin Leadership Academy

This year, the GLIDE Center for Social Justice (CSJ) along with our community partners at Skywatchers have been proud to create a new Leadership Academy with residents of the Tenderloin. Skywatchers is an arts-based ensemble that has been working in the Tenderloin for eight years with SRO residents, centering performance-based and multi-disciplinary art and stories


Give an Ear: Why Listening Is Love

Lisa Pelletier-Ross is a beloved staff member at GLIDE, serving as a trusted Community Safety Team Shift Lead. She, along with several other members of Community Safety and the Meals Program, have been collaborating with our Adult Education Specialist Stephanie McNally to record and share their experiences on the front lines of GLIDE’s work in


Harm Reduction: A Love Story

It’s no secret that at GLIDE, we believe in love, We believe in radical, unstoppable, unconditional love. We also know that love manifests in as many ways as there are people in our community—people like Elena and Zach, two GLIDE interns who are helping to link hard-to-reach members of the community to harm reduction and


How to Love People as They Are: A conversation with Eric Tatum

Eric Tatum is a beloved long-time staff and community member at GLIDE. He has seen many changes over the decades, and has recently been collaborating with our Adult Education Specialist Stephanie McNally to record and archive his invaluable memories. We are grateful to Eric for recognizing the historical significance of his perspectives and experiences, and


An Officer and a Mensch

Building social justice mindsets in law enforcement communities With the arrival of Rabbi Michael Lezak last year, GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice (CSJ) has been able to expand and deepen the ways we emphasize truth and reconciliation in our efforts around advocacy, staff development, and community building. In April, CSJ welcomed police departments and district


It’s Never Too Late (Or Too Early!) to Make a Difference

Kent first came to GLIDE as a homeless teenager in search of a hot meal and assistance navigating San Francisco’s affordable housing system. Today, he returns every Monday and Thursday morning to volunteer in the kitchen, which comes easy to him – he has years of experience in the restaurant industry! He believes little things,


From Serving Meals to Improving Data

We are happy to feature this reflection by Precious Listana, Public Policy Fellow at Twitter, on some of the ways that Twitter gives back to the community by volunteering at GLIDE. Many thanks to Bano, Kania, and the entire Twitter crew for always making GLIDE a part of #TwitterForGood. 


Leading with Heart: GLIDE’s Community Safety and Training Team

The following reflections are from Lillian Mark, GLIDE Community Safety and Training Manager and were originally delivered to GLIDE’s congregation on September 17, 2017.


Photovoice – A Tool for Community Empowerment and Advocacy

I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them. — Diane Arbus San Francisco is the land of invisible people—the homeless, the needy, the users, the ill, the marginalized, the undocumented. People who not only fall through society’s cracks, but who are ignored (or worse) by the middle and upper


A Gender Identity Summit at GLIDE

GLIDE hosted its first-ever Gender Expression and Identity Summit on May 5–7. The idea came from the GLIDE Pride Team and GLIDE’s pastoral intern, Todd Whitley, who designed the gathering to deepen our understanding of issues related to transgender and gender-expansive people, increase solidarity, and hold space with and for people to discuss spirituality in


Eye on the Ball: How to keep housing, for you and everyone in the Tenderloin

This week, our first of many Development Without Displacement Community Workshops met in collaboration with over 80 residents and nonprofit allies. We talked about displacement and how to create a neighborhood and a city where we can all live in the neighborhoods we’ve been a part of for so long.


Check-in with Rita: What I’m Thankful For

At GLIDE, we are thankful for the community we create and nurture here. We are especially grateful for our GLIDE community as our nation’s political and social landscape is rapidly changing after the recent election. This week we sat down with our Executive Director Rita Shimmin to discuss renewed commitment to our community as we enter the bustling holiday season. This post


Designing Outside Your Comfort Zone

  Editor’s note: These thoughtful reflections from Nick Crampton of the wonderful Adaptive Path team come as we’re in the midst of a re-stocking campaign for GLIDE Goods, the free store GLIDE has recently piloted with the help from the design crew referenced below. If you find yourself moved to learn more and to help